Anheuser-Busch, a brand long connected to the very heart of St. Louis, today reconfirmed its commitment to the region, announcing its St. Louis Brewery Campus as the primary site for subsidiary EverGrain’s U.S. production operations. The company plans to invest nearly $100 million in the project, generating long-term employment opportunities in St. Louis’ central city — a key element of the STL 2030 Jobs Plan.

Greater St. Louis, Inc. celebrates this incredible news. For generations, so many of us have benefitted from the company’s presence here, enjoying good jobs and generous community outreach, not to mention the occasional free brewery tour. A-B’s announcement highlights the kind of bold, hometown commitment we need to create additional jobs, expand inclusive economic growth and improve St. Louis’ global competitiveness.

“Anheuser-Busch has a long history in St. Louis, and this investment is an exciting next step as they continue to find innovative new ways to support our community and help drive the local economy,” said Steve Johnson, our own Greater St. Louis, Inc. chief business attraction officer and president of the AllianceSTL initiative. “With this significant investment in the City of St. Louis, EverGrain’s presence will further strengthen our region’s growing momentum in two sectors — advanced manufacturing and production and agricultural technology and food science — and help highlight the importance of sustainability initiatives in local industry.”

Anheuser-Busch partnered with the St. Louis Development Corporation and the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership to finalize plans for EverGrain’s first major production site globally, which will include a revival of the brewery’s historic Stockhouse 10. This local collaboration made such a forward-thinking project possible, reinforcing the region’s strengths in advanced manufacturing and agtech, as well as its capacity for development. EverGrain prioritizes both sustainability and post-pandemic economic recovery, and its advent here reminds us how a shared vision can create meaningful and positive growth.

We applaud Anheuser-Busch, our St. Louis friend and neighbor for 160 years, for its considerable commitment to economic prosperity in St. Louis and communities around the country. And we welcome EverGrain, looking forward to its growth and its vibrant impact on St. Louis City, our region and our people.

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