Encouraging pride in the St. Louis region and supporting local business are foundational to Greater St. Louis, Inc.’s inclusive growth plan and strategic priorities. It’s incumbent upon all of us who want this region to grow to be vocal advocates for St. Louis and regular patrons of the local businesses that contribute so significantly to our metro economy. Highlighting the positive strengths and change-agents in our region is why STLMade launched two years ago on March 14. Over the past two years, the community has further embraced March 14, or 3.14 Day, as a day of regional pride.

A heartfelt thanks to everyone across the region who came together to make this year’s 3.14 Day a week-long celebration and to #LoveLocalSTL small businesses that make St. Louis unique. The week included a Covid-friendly concert series and outdoor vendor market at the new City Foundry STL, carryout theme days to support local restaurants, countless gestures of good will, lively social media conversations, and #STLMade onesies for babies born on our unofficial St. Louis holiday!

Thanks also to our local media outlets that helped spread the word about 3.14 Day activities and events. In case you missed one of the dozens of uplifting stories about 3.14 Day, here are links to a few of the highlights.

We encourage you to keep #LoveLocalSTL and the spirit of 3.14 Day alive 365 days a year.