Dustin Allison

Chief Real Estate Investment Officer & Senior Vice President

Sarah Arnosky Ko

Vice President

Trashawn Britt

Manager, Strategy (SupplySTL Small Business Navigator)

Maria De Gregorio

Manager, Strategy (SupplySTL Small Business Navigator)

Emily Desmond

Manager, Strategy

Joe Dickerson

Director, Business Attraction

Greg Dietrich

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Trezette Dixon

Senior Director, SLBDI The Fellows Experience

Will Essner

Assistant Vice President of Real Estate Investment & Counsel

Henry Eubank

Coordinator, Government Relations

Brian Feldman

Vice President, Business Attraction

Eva France

Coordinator, Downtown Activation

Clayton Geenen

Project Coordinator

Jason Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Kazda

Vice President, Government Relations

Geoffrey King

Vice President, Strategy

Maggie Kost

Chief Business Attraction Officer

Kate Loar

Vice President of Engagement

Lakesha Mathis

Vice President, Strategy (SupplySTL)

Reed Miles

Manager of Administration

David Minor

Customer Service & Hospitality Support

Sam Murphey

Chief Strategy Officer

J.P. Nash

Manager, Real Estate Investment

Stephanie O’Donnell

Manager of Engagement

Margaret Onken

Chief Engagement Officer

Kristen Otto

Director, Digital Media

Valerie Patton

Chief DE&I Officer; President, Greater St. Louis Foundation

Charles Purnell

Director, Digital Marketing

Abigail Schreiber

Coordinator, Business Attraction

Ruth Sergenian

Director, Economic Research Analysis

Rhonda P. Smith

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Renee Tyler

Senior Director, Metro Public Policy

Christopher Walter

Director, Downtown Planning & Policy

Kurt Weigle

Senior Vice President & Chief Downtown Officer

Tracy Whelpley

Senior Vice President, Business Attraction

Kelly Wiedau

Finance Coordinator

Tony Wyche

Chief Communications Officer

Sam Zelch

Chief Administrative Officer

Tim Alexander

Senior Director, Business Research & Analysis

Elizabeth Brennan

Director, Communications