Realizing our shared vision of meaningful and positive growth for the bi-state metropolitan area will require unprecedented investment, collaboration and participation. This is the reason that five economic development organizations combined as of Jan. 1, 2021, to create Greater St. Louis, Inc. — a best-in-class platform for businesses, institutions and individuals representing the diversity of our region to invest and organize around a unified regional strategy.

The work of Greater St. Louis, Inc. is achieved through the financial support of investors at all levels who champion a pro-growth agenda for our region. But our mission cannot be realized without the active participation of business and civic leaders who also commit their time, energy and expertise to engage in the work that results in broad prosperity.

Become an Investor Today

Investor Council

The Investor Council provides organizations the opportunity to shape the future of our region through strategic agenda implementation with peers and Greater St. Louis, Inc. leadership. Whether you are an individual, start-up, small business, or larger company new to civic engagement, we welcome your investment from $1,000 to $9,999.  

Chair’s Council

The Greater St. Louis, Inc. Chair’s Council serves as a valued group of business leaders who are committed to an elevated financial investment in the Greater St. Louis, Inc. mission. The Chair’s Council brings these investors together in a forum to engage in the strategic mission of Greater St. Louis, Inc., engage with public and private sector leaders on key topics, and build stronger peer-to-peer relationships. Investment begins at $10,000. 

Community Investor

Community Investors are individuals or businesses that wish to contribute to the mission of Greater St. Louis, Inc. with periodic engagement opportunities, including communications and events. Members at the Community Investor level contribute from $100 to $999. Investors with 2 to 50 employees qualify for the Chamber Benefit Plan, a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) designed for small businesses. 

We Invite Businesses of All Sizes to Engage in Our Mission

Investor Opportunities

In addition to investing in the growth of our region, investment in Greater St. Louis, Inc. offers meaningful opportunities for seasoned and emerging leaders alike to build relationships, acquire knowledge and affect change that will transform our collective future.

Forums and Events

Investor-only forums and events provide investors with briefings on the mission, strategy and agenda for long-term growth. Investors have the opportunity to engage with like-minded, long-term visionary business and civic leaders committed to a stronger metro economy. All investors are invited to participate in the Greater St. Louis, Inc. Annual Event and pop-up events throughout the year to learn more about the growth and progress in the region.

Implementation of Strategic Initiatives

Greater St. Louis, Inc. investors have a seat at the table and are invited to lead and participate in implementation-focused advisory boards, councils, networks, task forces and working groups that are now forming in support of the strategic initiatives. 

Insights and Updates

Investors will receive timely insights, updates, and intelligence through curated newsletters and communications. These communications are distributed electronically and supplement the peer relationships cultivated through Greater St. Louis, Inc. investor forums and other events.