Digital Transformation

A Robust Tech Workforce Bolsters a Growing Sector

Technology has transformed the way we live — and how we work. Its exponential growth will only continue, and in the St. Louis region, tech companies are poised to lead that growth. Greater St. Louis offers many distinct advantages for the location of technology businesses, from startups to established companies. Numerous college degree programs, a large and diverse workforce, major corporate IT operations, and an entrepreneurial environment are all available at much lower costs than most competing markets.

The region offers ample space and viable property for data centers, while its low cost of living gives highly skilled workers more bang for their buck. AI, cybersecurity, and IT and data firms all find a comfortable home here, supported by innovation centers, startup funding and a skilled workforce.   

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s decision to locate Next NGA West in St. Louis City adds a long-term, high-profile anchor to the region’s technology sector. The GeoFutures Roadmap, introduced in 2020 and shepherded by GeoFutures, an initiative of Greater St. Louis Inc., provides a 10-year plan for making St. Louis a global hub for geospatial technology — a goal well underway, thanks to the collaboration of the St. Louis community.

50 Billion

annual transactions

processed globally at MasterCard’s data center here in the St. Louis region

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for Tech Jobs

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computer & math workers

The St. Louis region boasts a robust IT workforce

Artificial Intelligence

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AI is already transforming growing regional sectors like geospatial, agtech and health care, which use AI data to improve and grow their technologies. The intersection of these industries makes St. Louis an ideal home for AI companies too.


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Companies large and small need protection now more than ever, and the military units, government organizations and defense contractors in Greater St. Louis lead the way in cultivating cybersecurity innovation, growth, and talent.  

IT and Data Infrastructure

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A long history of IT and telecommunication and superior broadband infrastructure make the St. Louis metro ideal for tech companies and data centers.


3D rendering of the NGA West's campus

The GeoFutures Strategic Roadmap lays out a plan to make the St. Louis metro the global hub of geospatial technology over the next decade. With the NGA’s new headquarters anchoring the regional sector, the future of geospatial technology is STLMade.

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