When it comes to deciding where to work and live, people are attracted to exciting stories. Whether you’re a recent college graduate, a seasoned professional considering a career change or a CEO considering a new business location, the quality and vibe of your prospective new “home” matters as much as the data — if not more. 

Recognizing that the authentic and energizing story of the St. Louis region had for too long gone untold, the STLMade movement emerged in 2019 to shine a light on the innovative, tenacious, big-hearted people that are moving this region forward. It represents the voices and actions of our residents, leaders, institutions, businesses, and nonprofits that are all working to create inclusive opportunities for all. 

Now an initiative of Greater St. Louis, Inc., STLMade is the celebration of a region that insists on moving forward by bringing people and ideas together in bold ways, making this a place where residents, transplants, and boomerangs can get the support to start a business or a career, stand out and make an impact, and stay right here to do it all. Through storytelling, media outreach, and community events, we’re letting the world know that the St. Louis region is most definitely on the rise.


Discover What it Means to Be STLMade

We invite you to follow our STLMade stories on theSTL.com – a weekly updated collection of the creators, collaborators and community-builders in the region who prove daily that St. Louis is a place where you can make anything happen. And you don’t have to be born here to do it.

Share Your STLMade Pride  

STLMade belongs to all of us. We encourage you to use #STLMade to show your commitment to our region in whatever way suits you. If you have a business or organization, you’re invited to use STLMade logos on your website, business cards, products, anywhere you like. Logos, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, phone lock screens, and more are available in the STLMade toolkit — no permission needed.


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