Let Us Show You How Being STLMade Makes All the Difference

As the business-attraction initiative of Greater St. Louis, Inc., AllianceSTL promotes the competitive advantages of locating and investing within the 15-county bi-state metropolitan area. Our in-depth knowledge of the region, coupled with our unique ability to collaborate across our civic and business community, allows us to connect you with the people, ideas, and industries driving St. Louis forward. Our team is focused on bringing together the insights, resources, and relationships you need to be successful here.

Services We Provide

  • Provide access to key state and local economic development partners
  • Identify prime real estate opportunities and advantages
  • Tap into top-tier workforce talent
  • Maximize financial incentives
  • Produce custom market research
  • Provide unparalleled access to key business and political leaders

We’re excited to show you how Greater St. Louis is leading the way for new and established businesses alike.


How can we help?

Our work is confidential, complimentary, and comprehensive, and if you’re looking to consolidate, expand or move, we’re here to assist.

Steve Johnson

Chief Business Attraction Officer & President, AllianceSTL Initiative

Steve Johnson has led business recruitment efforts in local, regional and statewide organizations for more than three decades. As the leader of AllianceSTL, he loves seeing the surprise on people's faces when they begin to realize what makes the St. Louis region special. He counts the easy accessibility of urban amenities as perhaps its biggest draw. “Within 30 minutes of leaving my house, I can be riding my bike alongside the Missouri River on the Katy Trail or parking my car to go to a Cardinals game,” he marvels. “It doesn’t get much better than that.” As the AllianceSTL team earns success, he says, “Many people throughout St. Louis will have a better life. A good job – or a better job than the one you have now – changes everything, and it’s a change that ripples through multiple generations.”

Jim Alexander

Senior Vice President of Business Attraction

Jim Alexander brings over 30 years of experience working on all sides of domestic and international deals – as a for-profit and non-profit economic developer, as a site and incentives consultant and as a client/end user. Through all of his work, Jim focuses on providing clients and partners with value. What would he most want potential clients to know about St. Louis? “We are a world-class center for innovation in financial services, cybersecurity, plant and agtech, and we are an emerging geospatial technology leader,” he says. The best part of working in St. Louis, he says, is “the smart, passionate and dedicated people I engage with every day.”