“Geospatial” refers to the collection and processing of data associated with location and spatial analysis. Put more simply, “geospatial” data is location information. It helps us find our place in the world and better connect with our surroundings. GeoFutures is working to raise awareness about geospatial technology, how it is used and how it impacts our lives.

We Are All Geospatial Consumers

While you may not know you are using geospatial technology, it is behind many of the applications we use every day. You are using geospatial technology every time you pull out your smartphone and open a mapping app, search for a nearby restaurant or punch in a ride-sharing service.

GeoFutures Is Raising Awareness of Geospatial Technology and Its Uses

Educating the public about geospatial technology and how it impacts and benefits our everyday lives is a critical part of GeoFutures’ mission. GeoFutures and our partners have developed educational tools to help raise awareness of the uses for geospatial technology.