A World-Renowned Ecosystem for Agricultural Innovation

St. Louis’ Agtech Industry Models Collaboration and Sustained Growth

Greater St. Louis has steadily grown into a major hub for the agriculture technology industry. The region supports and cultivates players ranging from global corporations and research organizations to startups and educational institutions. This world-class ecosystem feeds innovation, thought leadership and growth, leading to breakthroughs in the agricultural processes and products that help feed the world.

  • Position your company within reach of the majority of the nation’s agricultural wealth.
  • Enjoy regional support built on St. Louis’ multi-decade commitment to agtech.
  • Collaborate with like-minded research centers, civic partners, and educational institutions.
  • Access funding and facilities to drive your company’s unique innovations at all levels of research and development.
  • Hire globally competitive talent — from Ph.D. scientists and researchers to biotechnicians — educated to meet the needs of this ever-evolving industry.

We chose to expand our presence in St. Louis because of its leadership in plant science and commitment to innovation.


Employed Regionally

Regional agtech businesses boost high quality job opportunities


Biotech R & D Companies

The agtech industry encourages growth and innovation


Plant Scientists

One of the highest concentrations of plant scientists in the world work here

Plant Research and Agribusiness Companies


Research and Innovation