Just over one year ago, St. Louis celebrated our first nonstop flight to continental Europe in over 20 years on Lufthansa, and in the first year, that service has allowed St. Louis to embrace the mission statement of Lufthansa: “Connecting people, cultures, and economies.”

The impact of the Lufthansa flight has been profound, and because of the strong support from the business and civic communities to not only secure the flight, but also make it a success, Lufthansa invited Greater St. Louis, Inc. to share the story of our metro’s resurgence with their global executives at their annual meeting June 13 in Washington, DC.

“The route is an unquestioned success on the financial metrics,” GSL CEO Jason Hall told Lufthansa executives, including CEO Carsten Spohr. “But what Lufthansa has come to represent in St. Louis is more than an airline, and the service is more than a route. … Lufthansa is like family to us now – a unique partnership that has helped change the trajectory of our great city.

“The St. Louis story is one of rebirth, and the energy you feel is what winning looks like. We are proud to embody authentically what it means – after 20 long years – to feel the confidence of being back on that global map … and to remind all of us what it truly means to connect people, cultures, and economies.”

GSL’s presentation included videos featuring leaders from St. Louis businesses as well as metro civic and governmental leaders discussing the impact Lufthansa’s direct flight to Frankfurt is having on St. Louis.