As part of its initiative to strengthen the region’s local business districts and corridors of commerce, Greater St. Louis, Inc. today visited Mascoutah, Illinois, to hear directly from business owners and local leaders about how the regional initiative can provide support.

“The STL 2030 Jobs Plan calls for the development of this initiative to strengthen and grow local centers of business across the metro,” said Jason Hall, CEO of Greater St. Louis, Inc. “Revitalizing and supporting these key business districts while maintaining the distinct character that makes them so special will help stabilize local communities, revive small businesses, and create new jobs.”

The STL 2030 Jobs Plan noted that areas like Main Street in Mascoutah are not just hubs of local business activity, but that in many local communities, they also act as centers of civic life.

“We are committed to regional growth and believe Mascoutah’s Main Street and its businesses are an important part of the region’s future,” said Rebecca Ahlvin, Mascoutah City Manager. “We are excited about our ongoing discussions with Greater St. Louis, Inc. about how to strengthen our local businesses here in Mascoutah and across the metro.”

After touring businesses along Mascoutah’s Main Street – including Dauber Pharmacy, Warrior Logo Wear, and St. Louis Coffee World – Hall joined area economic development officials, local leaders, and business owners for a roundtable discussion at the Mascoutah Visitor’s Center to learn what is working and what challenges local businesses face.

“We appreciate community leaders and business owners who came out today to share their thoughts with us about how to strengthen their community. Of particular interest is how service members from Scott Air Force Base and their families and the businesses in downtown Mascoutah support one another,” added Hall. “We’d like to take some of what we learned today and use that knowledge to help other communities across the St. Louis metro.”

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