Leadership development experience addresses the interests and challenges professionals of color may encounter as they work to advance their careers

As part of its efforts to drive inclusive economic growth in the St. Louis metro, Greater St. Louis, Inc. is now accepting applications for the 2024-2025 cohort of its Fellows Experience. The year-long transformative leadership development experience addresses the interests and challenges professionals of color may encounter as they work to advance their careers.

The Fellows Experience offers an opportunity for participants to know their value, rediscover their passion, create their own roadmap, and awaken to new possibilities both personally and professionally. Program participation helps Fellows embrace an empowered and transformed version of themselves as business and community leaders. 

The Fellows Experience participants reflect on their goals, performance, operating styles, and how they adapt to varied workplace cultures. Access to forums, social events, and conferences fosters a supportive professional and personal network essential to long-term growth and development. And through volunteer and civic activities, participants hone their skills, expand their relationships, and deepen their connection with the broader St. Louis community. 

The program runs from August 2024 through September 2025 and includes monthly full-day sessions throughout, as well as a one-time, three-day retreat, and optional after-hours events.  

“The knowledge and confidence I’ve gained from the Fellows Experience helped inspire me to take the next step in my career, level up, and pursue C-Suite opportunities, ultimately landing the Consumer and Business Banking Market Executive role for US Bank, leading all the company’s consumer and business banking and philanthropic activities for the St. Louis and Illinois market,” said Chris Carroll, a 2016-2017 program participant.

The Fellows program was founded in 2006. Since then, more than 1,200 Fellows have completed the program, with 90% remaining in the metro. Furthermore:

  • 70% of Fellows are promoted within two years of the program.
  • 26% of Fellows are elected to boards or appointed to committees.
  • Fellows contribute 1,600 hours of community service annually. 

Greater St. Louis, Inc. is currently accepting applications through May 17, 2024

Who should apply to The Fellows Experience?  

Mid- to senior-level professionals who have been employed a minimum of seven years, offer demonstrated community leadership, have a college degree or the equivalent skill and abilities, and are seeking an opportunity to develop their leadership and professional capabilities and capacity. Open to ethnically, racially, or gender diverse professionals while also welcoming individuals from all ethnicities, and backgrounds.

For more information on The Fellows Experience, contact Trezette Dixon, Senior Director, at trezette@greaterstlinc.com, 314-206-3224 or Fellows@GreaterStLouisInc.com.