Voice of St. Louis region’s business community comes to Clinton County for roundtable discussion with area business and community leaders

As part of its efforts to strengthen the St. Louis region’s manufacturing sector and hear from local businesses how the St. Louis region can help drive economic growth across the 15-county St. Louis metro, Greater St. Louis, Inc. visited Breese, Illinois, today for a tour of Excel Bottling and roundtable discussion with local business and community leaders.

Greater St. Louis, Inc. CEO Jason Hall joined Excel leaders to tour the company’s distribution center and then held a roundtable discussion with local business and community leaders at Excel’s bottling facility.

“It was great to be here in Breese today to meet with the leaders of Excel. As a multi-generational family-owned business, they are a true anchor in Clinton County and across the entire 15-county St. Louis metro, where businesses take pride in highlighting that they carry Excel’s products,” said Hall. “It shows how people and businesses in our region want to support other local businesses and help them grow.”

Today’s events are part of an initiative by Greater St. Louis, Inc. to visit each of the bi-state region’s 15 counties this year to hear directly from the leaders on the ground working to drive growth in their communities.

“That’s why we are here, to see what’s working for the economy and the people here in Breese and in Clinton County, to hear what challenges exist, and to stress how critical it is that we work together as a metro and speak with a unified voice so everyone can thrive.”

Manufacturing, including the type of work done by employees at Excel, is an industry sector that is helping lead the region’s resurgence. A key component of the work Greater St. Louis, Inc. is developing is how more pathways for growth can be forged for companies like Excel and how the region can help strengthen local supply networks and workforce development opportunities.