Project will provide 500 new jobs, $1.8 billion in investment, $155 million in new revenue for area schools, communities

Over 160 business and civic leaders from across the St. Louis metro – all investors of Greater St. Louis, Inc. – have come together to encourage the St. Louis County Council to support The Boeing Company’s competitive expansion project at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

“In addition to bringing 500 new jobs and $1.8 billion in investment to a distressed area of our metro, the proposal being put before the Council would create $155 million in new revenue that could be used for additional priorities across St. Louis County and would not impact existing County revenue,” the leaders wrote to the Council in an August 28 letter.

In addition to the new jobs, investment, and other economic benefits Boeing’s proposed project would bring to the metro, the letter – signed by 163 leaders from major corporations, small business owners, educational institutions, and nonprofits – highlighted the critical nature of Boeing’s presence in the region. Boeing directly employs nearly 16,000 people and indirectly impacts more than 34,000 jobs across the metro; spends over $750 million at more than 350 local suppliers; and is a leader in philanthropic work, donating $13 million annually to local charities.

“Boeing’s expansion project will not only bring critical investment and new jobs to our metro, it will also strengthen our advanced manufacturing sector and ensure the competitiveness of Boeing St. Louis for decades to come,” said Jason Hall, Greater St. Louis, Inc. CEO. “That over 160 of our investors, leaders from across the St. Louis metro and beyond, came together to encourage the support of the St. Louis County Council is a testament to the critical nature of this project and the power of the business and civic community speaking with one voice to drive inclusive growth.”