The Missouri House of Representatives today unanimously passed HB 475, a bill that will establish a Geospatial Advisory Council in Missouri. The bill now heads to the Missouri Senate. Greater St. Louis, Inc. encourages the Missouri Senate to support this initiative, which will further establish Missouri as a leader in geospatial technology.

“St. Louis is becoming the nation’s hub for geospatial technology,” said Tracy Henke, Chief Policy Officer of Greater St. Louis, Inc. and President of its public policy initiative ChamberSTL. “The establishment of a Geospatial Advisory Council in Missouri signals the state’s continued partnership in growing the use of geospatial technology throughout Missouri.

“Greater St. Louis, Inc. is proud to partner with Representative Tim Taylor and Senator Steve Roberts on this effort that will help strengthen the knowledge and influence of the state’s geospatial sector.”

GSL is the steward of the GeoFutures Strategic Roadmap, which provides the St. Louis metro with a vision and an action plan to scale up its significant assets and strengthen its position as the geospatial center of excellence over the next 10 years. Since its release, the geospatial community has already acted on several of the plan’s strategic priorities and initiatives, and several geospatial companies have committed to expanding their presence in St. Louis.