ST. LOUIS – On the heels of a major push by the civic and business community in St. Louis to welcome new immigrants to our region, a new report has named St. Louis among the country’s top metros for helping immigrants succeed.

The report, published by the George W. Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative, found that some metropolitan areas far outperform others for immigrant well-being. “Places where immigrants are thriving include centers for technology and other knowledge-centric industries, college towns, and metros that have been intentional in helping immigrants succeed.”

The report, “Immigrants and Opportunity in America’s Cities,” added that several metros, including St. Louis, “punch above their weight in attracting immigrants” and called out St. Louis for our “intentional welcoming policies and high scores for immigrant well-being.”

“To win the next decade, the St. Louis metro needs to add population. As this report notes, the success of St. Louis and other metros that have opened our arms to new immigrants underscores the case for our efforts to attract and retain immigrants,” said Jason Hall, Greater St. Louis, Inc. CEO.

“St. Louis’ civic and business community – including our investors and partners like the International Institute, the Mosaic Project, TechSTL, and individuals like Jerry Schlichter and Betsy Cohen – have demonstrated true leadership in their efforts to welcome and grow the number of immigrants to St. Louis. This report shows how their work has shown up on the national level.”

St. Louis: A National Leader

According to the report, St. Louis is at the top of the list of the country’s top 25 large metro areas for our efforts to welcome new immigrants to our community. Among the findings:

  • St. Louis ranks #3 out of the Top 25 Metros for Foreign-born living standards
  • St. Louis ranks #6 out of Top 25 Large Metros for Where Immigrants are Thriving Best
  • St. Louis ranks #5 out of the Top 25 Metros for Foreign-born adult population with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • St. Louis County ranks #9 out of 106 select counties where immigrants are thriving best

The report also called out the St. Louis area’s economic development authority for launching successful initiatives to help immigrant job seekers connect with employers and help aspiring entrepreneurs connect with potential capital and service providers.