Greater St. Louis Inc.’s CEO, Jason Hall, was featured yesterday on the State of St. Louis Forum hosted by the St. Louis Business Journal. Joining Jason were Kelvin Adams of St. Louis Public Schools, Sarah Coffin of St. Louis University, Taulby Roach of Bi-State Development and Esther Shin of Urban Strategies.

This robust discussion touched on the greatest challenges facing the St. Louis Metropolitan region as well as the momentum and opportunities for growth. After the event, the Business Journal published a story titled, “State of St. Louis: St. Louis can tackle big problems with cooperation and ‘risk,’ leaders say.”

In the story, Jason is quoted as saying, “We’re at a crossroads. Stepping out of St. Louis, you’ve got big issues facing the country: geographic inequality, racial inequality present in the community. I’m not sure there’s anywhere else you’ve got a community so perfectly positioned to be at the epicenter of the breakout.” development.

Jason also referenced the draft STL 2030 Jobs Plan as the roadmap to realizing the social and economic growth that result when diversity, equity and inclusion converge with economic development.


Click here to watch the video of the full Forum. Click here for the Business Journal’s recap article, and click here for an additional article featuring Jason’s thoughts on two key questions. Check out the February 26 issue of the St. Louis Business Journal for a more detailed feature of the event.