Small businesses—from retail to healthcare to construction—are vital to the Metro St. Louis economy. They employ almost half of the metro workforce, form the backbone of our communities and represent a proven path to economic mobility and wealth building, particularly for Black and Brown communities and people with disabilities.  Throughout the month of May, Greater St. Louis, Inc. is proudly sponsoring “Small STL” –  a morning segment on KSDK’s Today in St. Louis that celebrates the stories of small businesses across the metro. You can watch the promo video below.

You can read more about our region’s commitment to small business growth in the updated STL 2030 Jobs Plan which was released on May 5, 2021. Building a world-class ecosystem for small businesses and entrepreneurs is one of five strategic priorities outlined in the plan with specific actions for ensuring that all small business owners—regardless of race or gender—have ready access to reliable customers, quality capital, experienced advisors, an expanding network of investors and vibrant Main Streets and commercial corridors. Learn more.