A global celebration, International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements and imagines a world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Here in St. Louis, women — from CEOs to elected officials to nonprofit leaders to small business owners — are shaping the regional landscape and helping to create inclusive economic growth for all.

Since its founding, Greater St. Louis, Inc. has remained committed to equity. We want to honor the women doing big things in big places — nearly 10% of all women-led Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. are in St. Louis, and the very first women-owned MLS team just launched its first season here — as well as the many women entrepreneurs and small business owners who are shaping their neighborhoods and communities in impactful ways.

Nearly half of the nation’s new business owners in 2021 were women. And St. Louis is no exception; according to Seek Capital, 45% of the region’s startups are women-owned, and in 2019, the metro was ranked as the #1 city with the most female entrepreneurs.

Women have an extraordinary impact on our metro’s growth, and telling their stories is one way to support and amplify the ways they’re creating new jobs, innovating their fields, and elevating the region. We invite you to visit theSTL.com and read the stories of STLMade women who are making an impact on the St. Louis community. And join us as we embrace equity today and every day.

STLMade Women