Let’s keep the pride in St. Louis going throughout the year

The St. Louis metro saw our biggest 314 Day yet, and it’s all due to the pride for St. Louis shown by people from all over the region — and by St. Louisans across the country.

Founded in 2006 by St. Louisans Terrell “Young Dip” Evans and Tatum Polk, 314 Day has grown to become one of the metro’s biggest celebrations each year. In 2022, Greater St. Louis, Inc.’s STLMade initiative partnered with Dip, Tatum, and their 314 Day Foundation to take the celebration to the next level.

Greater St. Louis, Inc. investors helped make this year’s 314 Day even bigger and better. Representatives from several companies — including Purina, Ameren, Mastercard, and Once Films — helped guide our efforts through their participation in a 314 Day steering committee, with countless others engaging in their own celebrations and activities.

This year saw the biggest impact to date, with 314 Day activities earning nearly 100 media stories, over 6 million media impressions, nearly half a million social media engagements, and parties held by St. Louisans in other cities across America.

“Our partnership and collaboration with Young Dip, Tatum Polk, and the 314 Day Foundation, along with the enthusiasm of people all across the region, helped this become the most impactful 314 Day we’ve seen,” said GSL CEO Jason Hall. “That represents more than just a one-day celebration. It’s a symbol of how great our region can be when we come together and collaborate to advance our common goals and celebrate all the great things taking place in St. Louis. Let’s keep working together as a metro to keep that pride going throughout the year.”

The STLMade team put together a brief slideshow that showcases 314 Day celebrations and activities from across the metro. While only a snapshot of the weekend’s total engagement, it shows the breadth of enthusiasm and pride evident throughout St. Louis.