We need your help in elevating six STLMade panels to the global stage at South by Southwest 2023.

Now through August 21, people all over the world are choosing topics that they want to know more about at SXSW, the year’s premier conference event. Those with the most votes have the best chance to appear in the conference line-up — and to put this STLMade topic on a global stage. You and your networks can elevate this STLMade conversation in a few different ways.


1) Create a SXSW profile. 2) Search for each of six #STLMade panels — listed and linked below. 3) Cast your vote.

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Below, we’ve included some language and graphics you can share with your networks to encourage their votes too. 

  • Get St. Louis seen at South by Southwest 2023! Vote for this #STLMade panel and push it to the SXSW stage. 1) Create an account. 2) Search for this panel. 3) Cast your vote ⬆️. #SXSW #PanelPicker 
  • Help us showcase St. Louis on a global stage at SXSW 2023! Vote for this #STLMade panel and highlight the best of St. Louis at #SXSW. Create a quick profile to cast your vote. #PanelPicker 

STLMade Panels

Promotional graphic: Vote for these STLMade Panel Ideas

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